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The root of what we're doing can be found in the early teachings of Siddhattha Gotama, a.k.a. Buddha. Putting it into practice can sometimes be a challenge; here are some resources to help keep you moving on the path. Most of these are not secular references, we're breaking newish ground here, but the information and help they provide is invaluable regardless.

Books :: Secular Buddhism


Books :: Contemporary Teaching


Books :: Traditional Teaching


Books :: Meditation


Books :: Historical Context


Books :: Buddhism & Science


Books :: Social Commentary and Theory


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Web Sites

Youth Programs and Education

Scientific Studies on the Effects of Meditation

eBooks / Online Books

All of the following eBooks are available online in one form or another. Here are eBook versions for you to download:



Sweeping Zen    Center for Pragmatic Buddhism    Bhavana    Buddhist Geeks   


Linda Blanchard has a YouTube series of talks on Skeptical Buddhism that is invaluable to someone seeking a less religious view of early Buddhist practice.